Local Backup Solution

Your pictures, files, and personal information are priceless. Protect them with Tech Nerds' Backup Solution.

Every day, new viruses pose threats to your files. The danger of hardware failures and corrupted Windows files can leave your system crippled.

Tech Nerds' Backup Solution allows your files to be restored if anything harms your computer.

Why use Tech Nerd's Backup?

Cloud-based backup solutions can slow down your network and use up data caps. In addition, these services charge monthly fees. By using our local solution, you can avoid monthly fees, network slowdowns, and data caps.

We offer three different sizes of backup options. If these are not suitable, we will tailor a solution to fit your needs.

All backup prices are a one-time fee, include installation, setup, and scheduling.


$79 Backup Solution - Includes a new 120GB SSD.

$99 Backup Solution - Includes a new 240GB SSD

$159 Backup Solution - Includes a new 512GB SSD

Tech Nerds' Backup Solution