Free Services

Yes, you read that right. We offer three free services that come with every computer that comes through our door. These services are done regardless of whether you do or do not purchase any of our services. This is a total savings of $90.


  • Free Diagnostic Test

We offer a free diagnostic test on your computer. We don’t make money from determining what the malfunction is with your computer. We only charge for the repair. We have a no fix no fee policy. This means that if we don’t fix your issue you don’t pay. (Valued at $40) 


  • Free Internal Cleaning

If we have to open your computer for diagnostic tests. We will clean the inside

thoroughly. This alone can provide huge positive results. Most CPU fans that keep the processor cool usually have a lot of dust, lint, and hair buildup. This restricts airflow tremendously. Just removing this dust and lint can sometimes increase processing speed depending on the amount of buildup. (Valued at $25)


  • Free External Cleaning 

We will clean the entire exterior of your computer. We will blow out the keyboard and even clean the screen. Clean machines look better and a clean screen increases the viewing pleasure. If its a touchscreen it will allow the touchscreen to be more responsive. This is obviously dependant on how dirty the touchscreen is. (Valued at $25)


  • Windows image & file backup (240 GB) + setup - $100 (one-time charge)

  • Printer setup or troubleshooting - $50

  • Onsite data transfer under 100GB - $75

  • Shop price for data transfer under 100GB - $50

  • Onsite wifi/network troubleshooting - $75

  • Onsite device diagnostic test or repair - $99

  • Shop price for a device diagnostic test or repair - $75

  • One hour of onsite Windows 10 training - $99

  • One hour shop price for Windows 10 training - $75

  • Virus and Spyware removal - $99

  • Windows 10 install - $75 (Does not include windows license)

  • Hard drive clone - $50 without installation; $75 with the installation. 

  • Complete Build - $175


We offer a multitude of services. We provide computer repair, Information Technology (IT), and Managed Services (MSP) for business. We will give you a free no-obligation estimate. With our no fix, no fee policy you won't end up paying for unnecessary repairs. Some of the services we offer are everything from software operating system installs to complete hardware builds. If you're interested in a quote or repair not listed above please use our contact us page. We will reply with a detailed quote for your repair as soon as possible. You can also call or text us at 641-426-2865.

Virus, spyware, and Malware removal.

Tech Nerds virus removal

Is your old computer slow? If so it could be a simple fix. When you download programs sometimes there are additional things attached. These additions can be spyware or malware and in extreme conditions even viruses. Before you throw that old computer out it may still be able to run basic small programs. It might just need a little cleaning up. We run specials all the time on viruses, spyware, and malware removal. We’ll take a look for free. We will always be upfront and honest. This is important as in some situations the fix may cost more than a new machine.

Software install, remove, or repair.

Tech Nerds software instal

If you are a custom builder and need help installing drivers or any operating systems just let us know. We would love to be able to help you get your machine up and running like a dream. We can install and answer questions in regards to any software issues. Computers and technology are great machines but they can only be utilized to their full potential with reliable up to date software. Do not be left wondering what programs are necessary or not.

Computer hardware repair, replace, or a custom build. 

Tech Nerds Computer Repair

We can custom build any computer to your specific needs. If your computer won't even come on we can determine what the problem is and give you a guaranteed estimate on the cost of repair. If you are a gamer check out our gamer's tab. We have great systems that are easily upgradable. Some pieces of hardware we can even repair in house. This is not always the most viable avenue as most components are cheaper to just replace. If you do have a high dollar piece of hardware that you would love to keep we would love to look at it for you.