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Your Companies Biggest Cyber Security Risk.

Without knowing the topology, hardware, and software of your network I can tell you what your most likely security risk is. It's your people. Your number one asset is also your number one security risk. If a hundred malicious emails are sent to employees on average three will open them. Even after getting specific instructions not to open any unfamiliar emails. The sad part is this technique is done all the time by hackers. It is referred to as phishing. They send out an email trying to get employees to open them. They try to make it look legit like it came from your IT department or some other legitimate source. Training your people is one of the best things you can do to keep your business network secure. You don't want to be the next business on the news for a data breach. Here is small list that can help your company better protect itself against phishing emails.

1. Explain to your employees what phishing is.

2. It is common to see phishing emails with impersonal greetings. Such as employee, patient, customer, etc.

3. Remind employees that if they are careless when opening unknown emails, they could jeopardize their job and everyone else's.

4. Simple spelling and grammar errors. The emails often have simple spelling or grammatical errors.

Here at Tech Nerds we offer employee training classes that cover a wide area of cyber security training. We also provide IT and MSP support for local companies. Nationally we provide MSP support. We are constantly testing and evolving new ways to keep our customers and their data safe. If you are interested in employee training or any of our other services you can call or text us at 641-426-2865.

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