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Why spend more on a custom built computer?

The most compelling reason is that every dollar spent, will be used towards providing you with the best computer, hand tailored for your specific needs. No dollar would be wasted on extra unnecessary equipment or software. Pre-built, or store-bought computers have numerous inherent flaws. Most have very limited upgrade potential and are built with subpar parts. Almost all large brand computers are manufactured with every penny in mind; lower cost on hardware means more profit. This jeopardizes their reliability and longevity.

Why does upgrade potential matter?

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, you want a computer that can be upgraded to handle heavier loads. With more complex coded programs coming out every year, the demand to read this code increases. Thus, it is very important to be able to upgrade your computer to handle the increased stress --this is inevitable. You don’t want to run into a situation where you have to download a new program for work or home, just to find out your computer can barely run the program, if at all.

The reason pre-built or store-bought computers do so well is rather obvious. They are, in most cases, much cheaper than a custom-built computer. This all depends on the hardware inside the case --even certain branding can impact the price! In general, the larger manufacturers can produce them on a much larger scale, allowing a reduced price per unit.

In closing, if you want a cheaper computer buy one from a large manufacturer, but remember they have very limited upgrade potential, preventing most future proofing. If you'd like a quality PC built specifically for your needs, contact a professional.

Tech Nerds would love to build your custom PC. We charge a flat rate of $100 on top of your parts. Call or text now at 641-426-2865!

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