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What is a Technician?

There can be many different types of technicians. It can be anywhere from an automotive technician to a computer technician. Something important to remember is that a technician does not swap parts out and charge you regardless of whether the problem is fixed or not. To be a real technician you must diagnose the problem to not only determine what is bad but also how it happened. Just fixing the problem is not enough. You must determine why it happened and perform preventative measures to stop the problem from occurring again.

The reality is that this is a problem that most of us have faced in our lives. We drop our equipment off with a technician. We pick it up and pay hundreds of dollars just to find out our equipment has the same exact problem. We can’t just keep pouring hundreds of dollars into our equipment to take another guess at the problem. The truth is you shouldn’t have to. If you take a piece of equipment into a shop to get repaired. They claim that it is fixed, and you are charged. Then later you find out the equipment is not fixed. You should take it back and not pay for another repair. You are not paying them to buy and swap parts until they guess right. Sure, they may have replaced a part or put time into diagnosing it. Which charging for a diagnosis is fine. But being charged for a problem to get fixed and the problem remains is not fine.

If you pay for a diagnosis. It should be a thorough diagnoses with a firm conclusion as to what the problem is. How will you know that? You won’t, until they repair it. If or when they repair It, the problem is gone then you know there was a good technician with a thorough diagnoses that repaired the problems. At Tech Nerds we are not parts swappers. We are trained and extremely proficient technicians. Why are we so good? Because we show up each day not to clock in and put our time in. We show up because we enjoy technology, we enjoy fixing things. We take deep pride in being able to diagnose a problem. Determine a logical conclusion. How the problem happened. What is the necessary repair and preventative action needed so the problem doesn’t arise in the future.

In conclusion, remember technicians don’t swap parts out. If you keep having to bring the piece of equipment back for the same issue. I would suggest you take your business somewhere else. If it’s a piece of technology such as cellphone, tablet, or computer call Tech Nerds at 641-426-2865. We would love to help.

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