Gamers Welcome!

In this section, we share some of our builds. We also share specific add ons that we prefer for monitoring hardware components. Monitoring your hardware temperatures and fps (Frames Per Second) will help you optimize your gameplay. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. We love to talk about gaming.

Client Portal

We offer a unique ability to track your computer build during the entire process through our Client Portal option. You will be able to see and track each part of the process. From ordering your parts, hardware assembly, wire management, operating system install, and final driver downloads. We know how exciting it is when getting a professionally built custom gaming pc. So why wonder whats going? You will have a clear understanding of what stage your pc is in and when it will be finished. 


We specialize in maximizing performance out of computers and truly enjoy building gaming-oriented computers.  Our knowledgebase originally started out of maximizing the performance of our own gaming computers. Along the way, we realized we offer a great deal of knowledge in this particular field. We can put together any build you desire. All our computers come with a full one year warranty. This warranty covers everything. Make sure to call to get the most up to date price on your build.