About Us

    My name is Chris Wilson owner and lead technician at Tech Nerds. This is a brief summary about me and why I started this company. I can remember being young and running around my grandfather's automotive shop. I grew up in that shop. My grandmother's house was right behind the shop. There was a small path from my grandma's house that we would use to the run-up to the shop. Spending so much time around my grandpa’s shop drove my curiosity about how things worked. This curiosity caused me to experiment with taking things apart and putting them back together.


When I got older I went to a technical school for automotive repair. I finished school and became very good at diagnosing and fixing problems. I realized while attending a technical school that I didn't want to repair vehicles. I tell you this story so you understand why I enjoy diagnosing problems and fixing things. I often still think of my grandfather and his shop when I am working on a computer in my own shop. Over time my ability to apply my logical problem-solving skills grew and there was nothing I wasn't willing to tackle. As technology became a stronger part of my life. I developed an enjoyment with understanding and fixing different computing devices.


I worked for many years diagnosing and fixing some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry. As my knowledge grew I began taking any college-level classes associated with computers or networking. I even took a cell phone data recovery class from a private company in upstate New York. I usually end up with the problem computers that have been to other shops and couldn't be repaired. I not only enjoy problem computers, but I take pride in fixing those that no one else could. Today I have built hundreds of custom computers for various different needs. I have also constructed, evaluated, and checked security protocols on hundreds of different networks. I hope in the future that I will get an opportunity to show my skills to a much broader audience.


The value that I provide far exceeds my price. I provide easy and affordable computer repair, Information Technology, and Managed Services. We are a local business based right here in Mason City, IA. We strive on providing quick hassle-free computer repair. We believe strongly in utilizing technology to make your everyday life easier. All our estimates are free.